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truData’s next CIO Leadership Forum is being held virtually on ...

Join experts and CIO peers at truData's CIO Leadership Forum 2024 to participate in highly collaborative sessions, share experiences and access personalized tools to equip yourself with a detailed plan to support your mission-critical priorities.

This conference provides an exceptional opportunity to validate your thoughts and strategic direction. It prepares you for unforeseen changes and disruptors, challenging you to see beyond the obvious and motivating you to propel both yourself and your team to new heights.

The truData CIO Leadership Forum is an exclusive conference designed specifically for chief information officers. This guarantees an unparalleled level of information exchange and peer interaction.

We look forward to seeing you there.

According to Gartner:


"CIOs are the linchpin of organizational digital transformation, navigating complex multifaceted challenges and opportunities during this dynamic era. 

C-Level Executives are more excited about new technologies than ever before and are willing to invest—which shifts the dynamic between CIOs and the rest of the business. 


CIOs shoulder the vital responsibility of harmonizing technology with strategic business objectives, not only keeping pace with the ever-changing technological landscape, but also mastering stakeholder management within the C-suite. And they do this all while addressing security concerns, compliance, opportunities with AI, and fostering a culture of democratized IT."

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